C'est la vie!

Friday, July 22, 2005

How often can you hit the snooze button on your 15 minutes of fame?

C'est vrai, non?

Anywho, summer is well, summer. I went mini golfing with Molly....and I won!! *hoot* And the other day, I got to sit by a certain person at lunch! Yay!

I am very happy that I got to talk to my benji again!! I miss him so much!

You know, I do think that this title fits many things...you all think about that.

Tomorrow I have volunteering and babysitting. You know, I have no idea how I am going to get 30 HOURS! I mena I have like 9 done...total. And it's hard to get 30 when you do like 2 hours at a time. Not to mention, I REALLY want a job. Grr! Not having money pisses me off.

Yesterday I watched Pride and Prejudice. I love that movie....

I REALLY don't have anything else to say.

Friday, July 08, 2005

GOD have you ever seen such a hairy back?!

Hi!! Back!

So, summer is GREAT! I have a "love" at Heritage Hill *sigh* I will be doing camps there this week! Yay!

Anywho-done-it (LOL) Yesterday I was at Noah's Ark with me BESTEST girls, Kathy, Molly, and Ellen. Oh, holy hoot was that GREAT! We got up early early and hit the road. We sang, we laughed, we talked. Then I really had to pee. But the first gas sation we found scared me, so, i nthe next town we found a Maggie-safe bathroom. Then back to the road. At this point, Ellen was talking to her game, and Molly, Kathy and I were MASH-ing. Then, we hit the Dells. Down Main street we sailed, oh heavens, what we saw! Then we reached the park. We went in and went straight to the wave pool. Mighty hard to swim there. And off to rides. Ride on: Maggie frets the WHOLE TIME, only to relize...not scary! Well, we did some other ones, then we went to The Stingray. I wasn't scared, until the vertical drop...twice! The look on kathy's face.... Then we did other stuff, and then we went on the flood/log one. Scared!!!! And kathy wasnt afraid of the ride, no no, it was the hand!! *ahhhh* *think, think* We ate...with mumsy!!!! and more rides, then Black Anaconda *dun dun dun* The was the shit. However, while waiting for that ride, the space above like...leaked periodically, it was scary! But anyway, on this one ride, while waiting, Kathy and I made weird noises...hehe. OH THEN! We were in this other line...and the man in front of us had the hairiest back EVER. It was BAD!!! After a while, we left, changed in the car, that was... interesting, kathy's original plan didn't work, oops. And so then we stopped to shop! Yay! That was fun! And got refreshment. Then, homeward bound! I fell asleep, naturally, and so did Kathy, then we got up and listened to Kathy awesome music! And ate Polish/German cookies (two rolls for $.98) And sadly, home.

Well, today I went to the Hill to get an outfit...and guess wh was all around the table when I walked in...ALL the soldiers. I almost passed out! Then home and talking to Peg about having a house exorcism, will flames, water, palms and the crazy news comentary, like "5 neighbors have surrounded the house are appear to be dancing erotically around the house"-LOL

So, yeah. I will try to write more!!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I am sure you all know what happened, how could you not....May 15, that was hard.

I hate to say this, but I have to start somewhere, so...one a better note

I saw Mrs. Schmeisser yesterday, she was so nice.

Opening night wekend of the play went great!! I hope you all can come on by and see it!

Driving starts on Friday, hoot.

Chels and I now have our evening chat about, well, sex. It's good stuff

Heheh, the other night at D and Stary's (oo lala) cast party, I was by the fire and I was like "here come Logan" and Greg was all "Ohh!! Logan go take maggie into a field"...bad bad greg! Well, Adam told the FUNNIEST story, it also lasted an hour and a half!

Well I got to get going! I will try to write more!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

*Discontinued until further notice*

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

This is the Part You Tell Her You Love Her

Oh! Madame is so clever!

And hallo (make sure when you pronounce the latter it is a throaty haaa sound, like you got popcorn stuck in there)

I am still sick but feel better. Unfortunatly I have a History test, Math quiz, and an ICP Lab Test...*hoot*

I am hungry!

Well, anywho, I left my cell phone at home and that's a problem cause I was supposed to call Ms. Robinson right after school about working Saturday's Encampment at the Fort. (Heritgae Hill guys, come on....this is my inner geek coming out) Also this guy called about me doing a reinactment group...Iwas ASKED! That is soo effing cool!!!!

Today I have play practice....mmk, then I don't think anything. *arg stupid bra starp!!*

So Semesters are coming and I thought I should let all you readers out thereknow how I will get.
1.) Act like it's the freakin' end of the world
2.) Stress and over stress about huge amount of anything
3.) Center everything around myself and how bad it is for me...even thought everyone else is doing the exact same thing
4.) Regress back to childhood things like: wanting my mommy, crawling up into the fetal position and insisting that I can only servive if I have a hug.
5.) Irrational angery and extreme mean-ness towards others

Just a warning ya'll.

Oh, so I thought of REALLY cool ways to remember the male reproduction parts!
!.) The epididymus: sounds like a Greek philosopher and you must be MATURE to understand...
2.) Vas Dafrine-Sounds German, I think of Frau, Frua like Star Wars, Star Wars has Darth Vader, and Darth Vader HOLD PEOPLE CAPTIVE....
3.)Cowper Glad- You should LUBRICATE your glove before you artificially inseminate a cow.
4.)Seminiferous tubules-you make scientific things in test TUBES
5.) Ejaculatory duct- because you use DUCT tape to connect things
6.) Seminal Vesicle- you are in FLUID on a VESSLE

so yeah!she's crazier than me! hi btw ---katherine

I am hungry......d.fjfjeiieie iejejfjfiejfjfjfiejjffjffjjfjfjfffjfjfieieieieiiejfjfjfiejf ----that was me typing out the beat to "they both reached for he gun" from the SMASH hit Chicago.

Have you ever just randomly felt naked...ugh! I hate that!

Mmmk, I am going to head 'em up move 'em out...RAWHIDE--go Blues Brothers!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

A Most Inconvienent Thing

Well, go figure, Maggie has a cold in the prime of spring. *grr* I hate being sick. Not just becuaseI am sick, but because all the stuff it changes!

So let's think back....*thinking bubble*

On Friday Night I had some great fun with some of ma mecs. I ended up with a bruise and a champion ping pong team. Oh and good food and stories!---and shoes!

Then on Saturday I was up at normal school time so that I could get out to UWGB by 8....fn. Then after a wee bit there I was sped over to Heritage Hill.

Once at "the hill" I got my outfit and headed towards the farm. I spent my day carting wool and showing it to other people. I was with this really cool older lady and we talked a bit. I got to go on a food break and whilst I was there became good friends with the Pancake Man. hose were some might good pancakes....Anywho, then back inside for more show and tell, and before I knew it...it was over! I met some really nice people and some cool girls there. Hopefully I will be back soon!

Then I went to get Emmy's hair done for Prom (short for promanade). I re did my make up with their samples....*hehe* and Mumsy and I got some food. Upon returning home, I slept for a good hour and had to get ready to babysit. At this point I was very tired. But I went and I am afraid wasn't too much fun for the little ones. They are sooo cute!

Then home and sat of the ouch with ma mere et mon pere. They said I talked too much.... Well, so then we went to get Emmy and Kara so they could change. Well, we ended up also picking up Chris (Kara's delightful*gay* date) What a nice guy! Not to mention he smelled GREAT! Up until today our bathroom smelled like him...yum!

Then A little later it was off to bed.

On Mother's Day, we took mommy out to eat and had a gay ol' time. then we umm did h/w outside & read the Heritage Hill Herald.
Yesterday my nose dripped all day *SCREAM* and umm otherwise not too much.

My gum is so stale, gross, I need to spit it out, one sec----and back.

Well, I don't know how well voice will go today...hmm...play practice tomorrow...*hoot*

I am very bored...later

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Hi-ho! Kermit the frog here...

Morning...great gadspy I am hungry!

katherine is the coolest person ever! and she says hi. So yes that is a message brought to you by Maggie's Blog, you kill 'em we grill 'em. (After writeing that, Katherine and I burts into laughter...that was funny...)

Anywho, today Benji is look oh so wonderful in his American Eagle/Gap outfits (along with some other well dressed people....*wink wink*) So today in the begininning of Honors Freshman English, I was talking with Tricia about how people who shop at Hot Topic are just as conformist as the people who shop at American Eagle. Well, some had said how American Eagle is conformist, and half the class was like GOOD GOD YOU DO IT TOO!! Anytime you buy something, you are conformist! So at the end of class, rihgt in front of this silly person who doesn't understand thta a band doesn' care aboutits fans, I said "Benji, you look great in your American Eagle" (Which is oh so VERY true!) And she oes on to say how she doesn't like it. So I said "You are just as conformist when you shop at Hot Topic as anyone who shops somewhere else." ---hehe that felt good!!

Otherwise, not too much today. French test wasn't too bad!--I hope...but the math one I am not so sure about.

Well, last night, I went to thte Concert Under the Lights. Not too bad. But Liz, Kellie, Alex, Erik, and I walked down to the gas station for some food. That was great!! So much fun! Then we sat around, I got married (oh, yes I did, compliments of Tommy) Then I got great pics (people in lockers...ehem)

So yes, wonderful times...And we called my Chelsea! Oh what a funny gal! I miss her so!!

Well, tomorrow is De la Baie Fest! Hoot!

Later babes!